Serving in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission

Monday, February 23, 2015

Las Vegas #4

This week has been great!!! So much has happened!

On Tuesday the Relief Society did a progressive dinner in the church building, it was so cool, they has it perfectly organized so that you would eat each course in a different room with different people. Sister Duane was in charge of it, so of course it was amazing!  And she gave us ALLLLL the left overs! We had enough to fee our whole district the next day at district meeting, and we still had a ton left over! Lanee and Malu came too and had a great time, we were so happy!

Tuesday was a good day all around, we had 28 street contacts (the average in this area is 10-15) and on our way to dinner we were walking down the street and from the distance we see this young woman walking what we thought was her dog....then as we got a little closer we realized it was her CAT!! Sister Harrison and I looked at each other with this "we HAVE to talk to her look" and went up to her! She actually has a few friends on missions and she has met with the missionaries before, but she lives at the university and was just visiting her family. But it made our week! It was so funny!

We meet all sorts of people when we are talking to people on the street. We met this guy walking his dogs and he told us all about how there is no God and the great power we are searching for is within our soul, there is a little being inside who we command, and that’s our real power. Then as he walked away he said "Good luck on your mission, it's weird, but take care of yourself!" super funny!! 

That same day while we were walking along the sidewalk, we saw this group of young guys walking our way, so as we got ready to talk to them they came up to us and started talking to US and asking us all sorts of questions, they said  they were just like us, teaching people about Christ. They were from the "Soul'd Our Christian Center Intl-Las Vegas" it’s located on the strip, and their moto is "Win City-Winning souls".  It was so funny, they were street contacting US! They wanted a picture with us, so we all took a picture together.

  We had Dinner with the Duane's again this week!! And then we got to talk with Mike about his question of the 2nd coming and the rapture like he has seen in movies and everything. So we found a ton of scriptures and walked him through everything set by step. And by the end of it he said "well this is different than anything I have ever heard about the topic, but it’s interesting, so I will think it over." Mike is just awesome! We love him to death! He is very opinionated when it comes to religion, and he made one really "interesting" comment, so when Sister Duane said the closing prayer she started with "Dear Heavenly Father, we are thankful the sisters could come over and talk with Mike.......Thank you for not striking him DEAD!" HAHAHA It was all I could do not to bust up laughing! Sister Duane is the best, ya can’t help but love her! She sends us home with lots of food every time we go over (so don’t worry mom I am being VERY well fed!). 

We Met with Mary again, we still don’t have anyone who speaks Swahili, but we had a great lesson, we read from the Swahili book of Mormon and then the English and then she would try and explain what she read. We talked to her about faith! It was so amazing; even though she doesn’t speak our language very well she can still feel the spirit so strongly!

For V-Day we heart attacked Lanee and Malu's door with a bunch of scriptures!! They loved it!! Then we had lunch with the Nash family! They are so nice, their daughter Amy was home for the weekend, she just got back from her mission and is going to school, so she came out with us on Saturday and Sunday! She was so good at talking to people, it was perfect! oh and they made us a special little Valentines gift bag full of all sorts of stuff, like sticky notes, chocolate, nail polish, it was so sweet of them! 

We have had a great week but we still are having such a hard time finding new investigators. We are praying to find someone who is ready to hear the gospel! Sister Harrison has been sick all week too, so that’s made it harder. But we had the coolest experience yesterday!

On Sunday we went to meet with David. He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while before we came into the area. He hasn’t been progressing, but he LOVES God and he loves anything that has to do with Jesus. So in our lesson we talked about getting answers and how we have to put in the work, Sister Harrison was bold and blunt and told him if he wanted to know he had to read the book of Mormon, and then Amy said "It is either true or its not, there is no in-between, so you have to find our or we are just going to be wasting your time" His reaction was priceless. He committed to read and pray. AND he agreed to come with us to the "why I believe" devotional that night! (its where 3 converts share their story of why they believe and missionaries perform musical numbers, its super spiritual!) He came, he felt the spirit and he really enjoyed it! Then when someone came up to him and asked if he was investigating the church, his answer was "no I’m celebrating!"

This week was great!! I love my mission so much! I can’t believe I almost didn’t serve a mission!!! It has changed my life so much already! I love the gospel! I am learning so much!!!

And this other sister is Sister Harlon. EVERYONE says that we look exactly alike! Its supper funny. she is the other trainer from the transfer when I came in so it was a 50/50 chance that I would be training with her or sister Harrison, and apparently most of the new missionaries ALWAYS look like their trainer. So everyone thought we would be together. But we beat the odds! Because sister Harrison and I needed to be together. But Sis Harlon is super funny! She is loud and bubbly and happy all the time, Sister Harrison was companions with her a few transfers ago and they are best friends. She says we are basically the same person!!!
Too funny!!!!

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