Serving in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission

Sunday, February 8, 2015

 Letter #2 from Las Vegas


This week has been crazy! But I don’t think that will ever change. I’m just learning to love the craziness more and more. 
It feels like we are not having much success.  The only lesson we got to teach was to a guy who is a former Jehovah’s Witness, and I had to teach him by myself, my companion had to go to the church that morning for a funeral, so I went out with a ward member. It was a very interesting experience. I learned a lot! But needless to say we won’t be teaching him again. 

This week we spent most of our time street contacting, to try and find someone to teach,  practically every person we talked to either rejected us, ignored us, or sicked their dog on us. (that was an interesting one!) So when we got tired of people rejecting us we tried visiting the Less actives and the members! I LOVE our members, we have an amazing ward, they are so loving! I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming ward to come into. 

Lanee and Malu gave us their college caps  
Wednesday night we had just gotten back from street contacting in the rain (it rained 3 days this week!!! SO EXCITING! That’s almost unheard of here, so I was happy) and we were about to go to the mutual activity at the church building. As I was standing behind the car to signal for sister Harrison to back up I saw a lady walking along the sidewalk, so I waved to her and she started walking to us and said "What ward are you in?" I was so surprised. She walked over to our car and we just started chatting for a few minutes. Her name is Lanee, she is Samoan and she’s from California. She moved into our apartment complex the same week we did. She told us she is Mormon, she just hasn’t been to church in a very long time. So we told her we would stop by later in the week so we could meet her roommate and get to know her more. The next day we were out by our car again and she was just walking around, so I ran up to her to see how she was doing, we all got to talking and then she invited us inside. Lanee is amazing! I love her so much, she is a choice daughter of God and she knows the church is true, she just hasn’t been living the lifestyle of the gospel and she and her roommate had had bad experiences with many members from the church. It was amazing how strong the spirit could be felt during our conversation, we helped her with many of her concerns and she told us she wanted to go back to church, and try again! After we got done talking she insisted we stay and eat, it was so nice, and then she took practically everything she had in her cabinet and put it in a bag for us to take home. she insisted we take it!! We came back Saturday night and met her roommate Malu! Who I love to death as well, these two girls hold such a special place in my heart! They have gone through so much and have been so selfless and giving and they know the church is what they need in their lives. They just were having a hard time getting the courage to face members again. This whole time we have been able to see the Lords hand in putting us as missionaries exactly where they needed us at the exact time they needed us. They came to church with us yesterday for sacrament meeting. Lanee says we are the reason they went back to church, but they did it with the Lord, all we did was give them encouragement.  I love how the Lord works! 

We got to go to the temple on Friday!!!! SOOOO amazing! The temple is beautiful. And it was  like home! That day was when we met Mary, she is amazing!  She is from Africa and she speaks Swahili. We street contacted her and told her as much as we could in small words she could understand, but when we said "Jesus" she said she wants to know more! So we need to find someone who speaks Swahili to come to our lesson on Friday. We are praying the lord will provide!

Then Saturday we had Zone training and that was SO GOOD! President Snow talked to us about the mission vision for this year. Our goal is to build a new STAKE!! to get enough converts and less actives to come back that we can build a new stake!! The area 70 brought it to all the stake presidents in the mission at a huge meeting last weekend. Our goal is 2015 in 2015. 2015 baptism!!

Sunday was amazing as usual. But we had an awesome experience. As we were getting out of our car after coming home from church, our neighbor yelled "ITS THE MORMON GIRLS!" so we went over to talk to say hi, he invited us in and then started asking all these questions about the church and why we are Mormon and came out on a mission!! It was so exciting, his name is Joe and his wife is Maria, they are so funny! We thought he was joking at first because he loves to tease, but then he invited us to come back next Sunday for lunch and to talk about the church! HE invited US. that never happens! Sister Harrison was SHOCKD. i asked her if things like this happen a lot and she said it was the second time in her 14 months she’s been out. So we are pretty excited! 

Well that’s all for now! I love you all and I miss you tonz!! Stay safe and keep the faith!


Sister Loveless

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