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Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter #6 From Las Vegas

Hello World,

I had my first transfer this week!!!! Exciting stuff!! Sister Harrision and I will both be staying in the Warm Springs Ward (I love this ward so much, the members here all hold a special place in my heart, i really didn’t want to leave)! BUT we will now also be covering another ward, the Las Palmas Ward! We are excited!! WE will be double transferring in AGAIN because we are replacing the Elders who were covering that ward, so we are starting fresh with this ward too! Just like we did when we came into the Warm Springs ward! It will be a fun challenge! It’s really nice though because at least we will be in the same building for church, and only 1 of our 5 hours of church overlap (7 hours if you include the other meetings)!! Sundays are going to be full and amazing!! Funny story though, we saw the Bishop of the Las Palmas ward last week (before we found out that we would be switching out the Elders) and this is how the conversation went..... "Hey Sisters! What ward are you in?"

"We are in the Warm Springs ward!" 

"They have Sister Missionaries too?!? What did we do wrong?! Why don’t we have Sisters?!" 

Little did he know that the very next week his wish would be granted :) He gets us!

This week has been full of all sorts of wonderful things!! For family night we went over to Lanee and Malu's house and we watched the hour long version of the restoration DVD, It was amazing!! We got to talk all about the saints and their experiences, and I got to tell them all about Nauvoo! They want to go and visit so bad! So I told them when I get home we will have to make a special trip!!

We were out walking around when we got a Text from our investigator David! Sister Harrison started reading it out loud... He said "I have decided I want to get baptized" We read that and started jumping up and down!!! Then sister Harrision said wait there’s more..."But I don’t want to have to go to any one church. Can I do that in the Mormon church?" So we asked if we could come by and talk with him. We went over the next day with two brothers from the ward that had a chance to explain to him the unbroken line of priesthood authority! And we were able to have a powerful lesson about the purpose of baptism and that gift of the Holy Ghost that comes with it! It was a great lesson, he is progressing!

We had a lesson with a part member family in our ward who's sons had just gotten baptized right before we came into the ward, and they invited one of their friends to come over, His name is Franko! He is 11, and he is amazing! We watched the 20 min, restoration DVD and he loved it, after the movie he said "I want to get baptized today!" We said you have to come to church first! so he said "okay if I come to church on Sunday will you baptize me there?!" He is so fun!! We will hopefully be meeting his parents this week! He came to church on Sunday with the Welch boys (his friends), and Sister Tenny (the mom of the welch boys) got permission from his parents so he and his twin brother who came to church with him could have lessons with us!! We are so excited! They are amazing!!

Well I’m out of time again! But I have to remember to write about our new investigator Moises next time!! He is amazing too!! I love the work, it is sooooo amazing!!!  

And here is a picture of most of my zone from this last transfer!! This was the day we found out about our "Transfer Doctrine" as we call it here, because we get a paper that has our fate on it and we have to come pick it up!  Super fun! 

Love ya!

Sister Loveless!!

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