Serving in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Las Vegas #1


This has been the craziest  5 days of my life! So much going on, and no idea how to do any of it. The MTC was wonderful but honestly it only gives you a small taste of what the work is really like! Walking off the plane was knew you were in Vegas, let just leave it at that. Slot machines everywhere! It was so funny; I turned to the elders and said "I don’t think we are in Utah anymore".

I traveled with 3 elders; I was the only sister coming in so they were my companions for a day and a half.

I love President Snow and his wife and the entire presidency! They are amazing! When we got off the plane we headed to the baggage area, as we came down the escalator we saw two elders standing there and two sisters. It was kind of like seeing family except you've never met them before. They took as to the mission home where we got interviews, lunch and a nap! (we had been up since 1:30am Nevada time). Then it was off to meet our trainers!!

SISTER HARRISON! She is amazing! She is a hard worker, exactly obedient, and just wonderful! She has taught me so much already, and I learn more from her every day! We got double transferred  into our area, also known as White Washed. So basically we are both new to the area. There used to be Elders in this ward, but they took them out and put us Sisters in! (and yes we moved into their old apartment...and yes it involved a lot of cleaning!!)
We are in the Warm Springs ward in the Warm Springs Stake right in Las Vegas. At night we can see the lights from the strip. Our ward is amazing, they are SO EXCITED to have sisters, and they haven’t had sisters here in about 10 years or so. Our Bishop is so excited, and he is awesome! Bishop Whipple, he is young and has a vision for this ward. He says that his vision for the ward is to become Zion! Our ward is small, almost branch size, there are a LOT of less actives. So our goal is to go and visit everyone personally! 

The unfortunate part is that because we are both new to the area, we have no information about anything....the Elders did not leave us any notes or keep records very well (like at all) so we are basically starting from scratch. We have one investigator, but she doesn’t want to get baptized until her husband comes home from basic training in June. But the Elders did do a good job at tracking, I will give them that. Everyone we talk to has already met the elders. EVERYONE.  There isn’t a single person who hasn’t seen missionaries before. So it’s good and bad. We have had lots and lots and lots of doors shut in our face (in just 5 days mind you) and out of everyone we have talked to we had 3 people agree to let us come back. One wouldn’t answer when we came back and the other we are meeting with tonight!!! And then there was this guy named Eddie...I love Eddie, he was like "yea sure! I don’t see why not, I’m always up for learning new things!" So I’m super excited about him!!

This whole being a missionary is really weird.  However I’m learning a lot and fast. My poor trainer is stressed out, because she has to train me and we are in an area that we know nothing about. We are just trying to get our feet on the ground. Things have been going wrong with everything that we have tried to do this week, the kind of things that are out of our control.  It’s so funny! We have learned to just laugh about it! We have gotten lost sooooo many times.  Our keys wouldn’t work., we drove 30 min out to the U-Haul place to get a hitch on our car only to find out that the time we were told was the wrong time. It’s just been everything! It’s our joke now that if it doesn’t go wrong we must be doing something wrong! Sister Harrison and I were talking about it this morning and we decided that all  these weird thing keep happening because Satan is trying really hard to keep us from the work, because we are a good companionship and we have a lot of potential to do good in this area. 

I love it here, and I can already tell this will be the hardest thing I will ever do, but it will be amazing! I just have to keep a good attitude and not let Satan get me down. When you let him put negative thoughts in your head it makes it so much harder to work! 

 I love you all and I miss you like crazy!!


Sister Loveless 

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