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Monday, April 6, 2015

# 10 Thanks for the Love and support!

Just a quick note today                   3-30-2015
I am so thankful for everyone and everything you have been doing to support me.
I am SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!!! It’s going to be amazing!! These past two weeks have been so crazy and so spiritually uplifting. I have been working more on recognizing the spirit and listening to promptings. Dad we are trying out your method of tracting, we call inspired biking :) We have been focusing on finding a lot, in both our wards. We have started getting referrals and we found people on the street. We ended up getting two new investigators, they are a young family with one kid and another one on the way this week! AND Jen went to her friend's niece’s baptism on Saturday and called us up right after and said we needed to come over. We stopped by and she said "I WANT TO GET BAPTIZED!"  I AM SO EXCITED! She is amazing! She came to church yesterday with her two kids, and even though it was so hard and stressful for her to be there with them, she decided she wants to come every week!!
As I have been studying these past few weeks I have been thinking about one thing a whole lot! And I just can’t shake it.
I want you to go and read "Are we prepared" it was the 1st presidency message last September, I believe. Read it as a family. I really feel that now it the time to get ready for the future, and put some more effort into emergency preparedness, and food storage. I know I can’t do much from here. But i want to make sure that I share that thought with my family and friends. Because you mean the world to me! We don’t know what’s ahead, but the Lord has sent us prophets and apostles to lead and guide us, and that is one of the directions he has given us!! So don’t take it lightly! Read it for family night tonight! Maybe make a plan or something to work toward. I just feel like i should share that with you!!
I love you sooooo much!!!! I hope you are all doing great!! 
I send all my love!! 

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