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Monday, January 19, 2015

First Day at the MTC

So it's the first day and we get to write home tonight so that you know I made it and everything is great!  After Mom and Dave dropped me off at the curb and hugged me goodbye, the Sister escort brought me inside, I got my name tag, my key and all the important stuff.  Then we dropped our bags off and went to meet our companion and district.

My companion is Sister Peabody,  she is from California and will be serving in Idaho.  We are very different, but she is such a sweetheart...I can tell there will be some interesting times ahead, but I love her already.

There are only seven of us in our District.  Sister Peabody and I and then two other sisters, Sister Barlow and Sister Morgenthaler.  And we all share a room.  The other Sisters are both serving in California.  Sister Barlow is from Las Vegas though!  Oh and Sister Barlow is also deaf, so that's really cool.  We are going to practice some ASL together.  Both of them are great and we all get along really well.  That leaves the three Elders.  There are in a trio.  Two of them will be serving in Las Vegas Nevada with me and the other one will serve in Idaho with Sister Peabody.

Today was crazy!!  I loved it but by the end of the day it all was a little overwhelming.  It's hard to imagine that I will ever be able to learn it all in 13 days.  But I will give it my all.  Oh and fun fact, one of my Sister District Training leaders used to be part of a gang before she joined the church.  The other one likes to talk in an Irish accent just for the fun of it.

Also Mom...I'm pretty sure you put back into my suitcase half of the stuff I pulled out.  I keep finding things I put in my "keep home" pile.  I love you Mom!  You are too funny!

Well I am super tired and I can only imagine how crazy tomorrow will be!

I love you all so much and I already miss you like cray!

Sister Loveless

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