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Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 2 at the MTC

Oh my goodness!! These past two weeks have been the hardest, most rewarding weeks of my life! When I imagined going to the MTC I imagined the most amazing peaceful place where I would learn the gospel and feel nothing but Joy. And yes this is the most amazing place to learn the gospel and I love it SO MUCH, it has also been a challenge!

After Mom and David dropped me off, I met my district and we jumped right into the work. I love my District with all my heart, I never thought that we would become so close in such a short amount of time, but these missionaries are like family to me! I love the gospel so much and I wanted nothing to do but study my heart away, but the Lord decided he had other plans. He wanted to soften my heart and prepare me for the mission field by preparing my heart. I have learned the law of sacrifice more now than ever in my life.  My companion has Asperger’s, which has been a bigger challenge than I first thought. There have been many days where we would miss half of class or other activities like the temple, because my companion needed a break or got too stressed out so she would just shut down. At first I was having such a hard time because I thought that I was not getting all the information I needed to from my classes, because we had to go take a walk so she could distress. Sometimes it was only 10 min, but there were other days it lasted an hour or more. As I have been praying for help to be able to put my companion first, the Lord has blessed me to see her as He does, and to be able to Love her unconditionally, and to serve her. Every day I learn something new from her, whether it be, patience, sacrifice, or love and humor. She is a convert to the church and has a very strong testimony, and she has been through more than I could ever imagine.  She is so strong and that is something that I am trying to learn from her.

Sister Barlow is another sister in my district who I just love.  She is deaf. She has had cochlear implants so that she can hear pretty well. Her strength amazes me SO MUCH!! Every day I strive to be more like her. She is also from Las Vegas! I promised her that I would go and find her family; she is from a family of 14 kids! So I really hope I get the opportunity to serve in her ward. Oh and the funny thing is, she and sister Morgenthaler are going to serve in Florida!  So we have all been swapping stories! And Sister Peabody, my companion is going to Idaho, so I have lived everywhere that everyone else in our district is going!

We have the Best Elders! Elder Patterson reminds me a lot of Michael; he is just the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. And Elder Onkst, who is going to Vegas with me, is a surfer from Hawaii. He amazes me, he has been through so much in his life and he gave up everything to come out on a mission.  Anyway, I could talk about my District for hours. They are the best! 
We have been though a lot together, and I mean a lot!  Everything with Sister Peabody, and just all the stress of learning everything, we wouldn't have been able to do it without the power of God, the Holy Ghost, and each other. 

Elder Nelson came and talked to us on Tuesday!! It was amazing! Sister Morgenthaler and I sang in the choir and it was suuuchhhh a spiritual experience. We also got a new MTC presidency this week, President Burgess! The old president was President Nally. Both of them are amazing, and it’s been interesting to see the change. 
Our Branch President

We had our departure devotional last night, it was so good! We are the first group of missionaries to leave with the new MTC presidency. 

All of the other sisters leave tonight at 3 am for the airport, and I don’t leave till Wednesday morning with the two Elders who are coming with me. I am the travel leader....ooooo so fancy ha-ha. We leave at 4 am on Wednesday morning so I will be a "solo sister" for a day, my companions will be the two other elders in my district, and we will just join the other district in our zone for classes that day. 

The MTC has been amazing, and the relationships I have made here I will cherish all my life! I can’t believe I am leaving this week. It feels like I got here yesterday, but at the same time if feels like I have been here for a month!

Teaching has been an interesting experience with Sister Peabody, because most of our lessons result in me teaching and her reading whatever I ask her to read or chiming in when she feels comfortable.  But over these two weeks as she has learned to trust me and confide in me she has allowed me to teach her and help her, so I was overcome with joy when the last lesson we gave together on Saturday she taught 1/3 of it!! I am so proud of the progress she has made, and I pray that she will always have companions who are kind and understanding and patient, so that she can have a great experience on her mission.  

I feel like I have grown SO MUCH these past two weeks that it’s indescribable. But I know a few things for certain; Heavenly Father loves us, we are his children, Christ died so that we could use that precious gift of the atonement, and Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon! It’s all true! Let the gospel change your life! 

I am so nervous to go out into the field, but I am excited. I know that if I do the best I can the Lord will take care of the rest.
My District and the new elders from District B they are awesome

I love you all!!! 
I miss you like crazy,
Know the Lord is watching out for you!


Sister Loveless

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