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Monday, January 19, 2015

First Week at the MTC

The MTC is amazing!! But it is also like someone opened a fire hydrant of knowledge and forgot to turn it off!!  This week has been crazy, we are so busy here you don’t have time to miss anyone or be sad. You are just being filled with knowledge and doctrine. It is wonderful but it can be overwhelming.
The first day here we were in classes all day and by the end of the day we all looked at each other and were like "you have got to be kidding me!" but each day it gets a little easier. There is just so much to learn that it feels like I will never learn it all. But I love being here so much, the spirit is so strong and I have the best district in the world! There are 7 of us. Our Elders are in a tripanionship. They are amazing young men who have fiery testimonies! You can just see the light glowing from them! We have two sets of sisters, me and Sister Peabody, and then Sister Barlow and Sister Morgenthaler. Everyone is unique and different, it’s so fun getting to know each other and studying together. We have three different missions in our District. The other companionship of sisters is gonging to Jacksonville Florida, Sister Peabody and Elder Patterson are going to Napa Idaho, and then Elder Onkst, Elder Whited and I will be serving in Las Vegas! It’s sad to think that we won’t all be going to the same place. Two weeks together is not long enough. We have been together 4 days and we are already so close, I can only imagine how hard it will be to say good bye! They have these MTC computers so secure now a days that I can’t manage to attach pictures. So hopefully we will figure that out by next week. 

Sister Morgenthaler and I have been assigned as Sister Training Leaders. Our Branch president is President Brown, and he is AMAZING!!  I love him; he is so funny and so wise. He is truly a man called of God! Sundays here are amazing!!! I can’t wait till next week!!! Oh and on Tuesday we will have a devotional with multiple general authorities, I’m kind of REALLY excited!!

Okay well I am out of time; this week has so much exciting stuff happening. So I will write a letter with more information and send it home so then mom can type it up and send it out, okay mom ;)

Well I love you all so much!!  Wish I could say more!

Sister Loveless 

From Seattle to Las Vegas
First Night Together

Sisters Loveless, Barlow, Peabody & Morgenthaler

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