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Monday, August 24, 2015

Miracles! Aug 3. 2015

Sister Bedont and Sister Loveless

This week has been a crazy fun adventure!! 
We spent a lot of time helping people move and cleaning and doing service for people. Mom my hair cutting talent has helped so much on my mission, I have been able to get into a lot of door because of it. I will cut members hair and (thankfully do a good job) so they tell their friends it was the missionaries and I have had people come to me and while they are sitting there I get to talk to them about the gospel and being a missionary. It is really cool!! 
This week we had lots of miracles! We were fasting yesterday to find new investigators and our prayer was answered!! At church Sister Laycock came up to us (she was just rebaptized after leaving the church and she has been fighting cancer). Her friend, Mary, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and some missionaries a while back gave her a book of Mormon with highlighted scriptures to help her when she was going through treatment. After a long time Mary told Sister Laycock that she has read the book she is ready and she wants to be baptized as soon as possible. It was amazing!!! We are meeting her this week. It just goes to show that you never know what could happen from placing a book of Mormon, awe may never see the fruits of our labors but it could change someone's life. So my invitation to you is to get a book of Mormon write your testimony in it and give it to someone this month. What do you have to lose?! Nothing. You will be blessing someone’s life! 
That same day (while we were fasting) we had a lesson over with Andy Anna and Braden. Our member who was supposed to come (who had part of our lesson) didn’t show. So we decided just to have a lesson where we could help answer questions and concerns. It turned out to be exactly what they needed. I turned to Braden and asked him what was holding him back from getting baptized. And we found out it was only the fear of having a whole bunch of people he didn't know come to his baptism! And when we asked Anna, she said ...."Nothing, I want to be baptized on September 14th." we were like WHOOAAA!! So they are both set with a date now!! I am so excited for them!! It has been a long road coming. Anna went form only sitting in on lessons for her husband to now participating and asking questions. She also wants to do her family history! 
Another miracle that we saw came from obedience. As a companionship we have had a hard time talking to everyone we saw because sister Bedont is new and she is still really nervous about it. But I told her in the morning. We are going to talk to everyone today. Because, everyone deserves the opportunity to hear the gospel. So that day when we were walking through the "ghetto" we saw someone and went and talked to her and although she wasn’t interested, when we were walking back we saw a lady who had just pulled up in her car who wouldn’t have been there a few seconds before and we would have missed her. After talking to her and telling her about the temple she said we could come back later this week and have a lesson. Blessings from obedience!

So this week was pretty good I would say!! Oh and it was my birthday and the members here are amazing! So I had too little birthday parties! One was ever a surprise party! I have come to love these people so much!!
Here’s to another great one full of blessings and Miracles!

This is a picture of me and my "baby girl"! We are trying to have some more fun! I’m trying to teach her that missionary work can be really fun too!! Well I love you all!

Sister Loveless

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