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Monday, August 24, 2015

WHY AM I SO BLESSED?! Aug. 24, 2015

I am in Green Valley!!! This has been an amazing week! Sister Browning
is AMAZING!!! I love her so much! We are working hard and I have never
felt happier! It’s so fun to have a companion who really wants to do
the same things you do. We are having a blast. Our comp motto is Do we
want it to be fun or easy? We want it to be FUN! So we are having a
blast!!! I don't think I have ever worked this hard and I have never
felt better. Sister Browning and I are like the same person! We have
the same goofy personality and it cracks me up!!! She was born in
Washington too!!

It amazes me what can happen when a companionship is united in Faith.
We have made real goals for our transfer together. And we have total
faith that we can achieve it. We are on fire this week. We are having a
hard time finding new investigators, but we know that if we push
forward we will see even more miracles.
One of the amazing miracles we saw this week was as we were driving
around trying to contact potentials investigators. We pulled into a
complex and we just didn't feel like we should be there, so we felt
prompted to go see a recent convert. We drove to their house and no
one answered. So we headed back to the car a little confused but still
determined to figure out where the Lord needed us. We then felt
prompted to knock on this random door. But the lady was not interested
at all. So we went back to the car. I was standing behind the car
getting ready to back out sister Browning, when a car was passing by,
so I waved as they passed. The car passed us and then stopped and
BACKED UP! I ran over to talk to the lady and she said that
missionaries had come over before but she hadn’t seen them in a long
time. So I gave her a book of Mormon and got her information. It was
amazing! It was so cool because if we hadn’t been listening to the
spirit then we would not have been in the exact place we needed to be
at the exact time! We had so many miracles like that happen this
week!! Miracles come from obedience!!

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