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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Drum roll Please! July 6th 2015

Yep you heard that right! She is due to arrive this July 8th around 10 am! (aka, I'm training a new missionary and she will get off the plane Wednesday morning!!) 
It’s super exciting!! I really do feel a little like an expecting parent though....I'm nervous because I’m not sure that i am really cut out for the job. But i know that it is going to be so fun and so rewarding!!!
This week was Crazy, my companion Sister Onorato has been preparing to leave for home. She actually left this morning. And I will be jumping around from different temporary companions till I go up to Vegas on Wednesday to get my new missionary!!!
We went and saw a lot of members so my comp could say good bye, and I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE! They are so amazing!!! I am so blessed to be serving here. One of the members we had dinner with this week heard that Sister Onorato and I have the same birthday, so they threw us a mini birthday party! Because they knew sister O was leaving before her birthday. It was fun, it was just us and the two of them but we had a blast.
We had an interesting lesson this week.....we street contacted into a guy who said we could come back...and when we went back for the first lesson we realized he had some mental problems and it wasn’t the best idea for sisters to be over there....and I’m just gunna leave it at that. 
Mark, our recent convert was in town for a few days so we got to have the second new member lesson with him finally!! He is doing great; it makes me so happy whenever I see him because He is so happy!!
Our 4th of July was so fun! We went and volunteered at the 4th of July 4 mile firecracker race. And then we went out and did service for some families! I got to cut our bishop's wife’s hair and his two daughters! 
Oh but we had a huge miracle happen! One of our members owns a gas station and she told us to go stop by and get a treat for the 4th of July, so we did, and we got talking to one of the young men who work there, Andrew. We told him who we were and talked about missionaries, and then just started asking him about himself. Nothing really huge. But then the next day at church our member came up to us and told us that our conversation with Andrew sparked something so after we left he was talking with her son in law who is the manager and he asked what it would take to get baptized into our church. The only hold up is he is apostolic and his mother is not very fond of the church. So we will see what happens!! I’m excited!! 
We had our last District meeting of the transfer and had a blast, we have a fun group of missionaries here. And next transfer its all changing up. 4 of us will be training new missionaries, and that’s the majority of our stake. So I’m excited!!
Tomorrow i will drive up to stay in Vegas with another sister who will be training while we wait for our new missionaries. And today Sister Onorato left so I have a youth as my companion for the next 24 hours. It’s pretty fun!!! I can’t wait to find out who I will be training!! 
I love you all! I hope everything is going well!!!
 Sister Loveless

Oh also random funny story. We went to a member’s house and they handed me a coke not realizing what it said on the back....we thought it was pretty perfect!

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