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Thursday, July 16, 2015

June 1st 2015

Hello all!!!                                                                                              June 1st 2015
This week was exciting!!! I have been really sick over the past 2 weeks, and after a trip to the urgent care to get me some medicine I am feeling a lot better! 
But the work, oh i love it!! It always makes me feel better! Mark got baptized this weekend!! I am SO HAPPY! His has been a long road coming. We we so worried it wouldn't work out because of how often he driving truck, he is usually only home for a few hours at a time. He had his heart set on getting baptized the 30th, so he said he would do whatever he could to be here. The only problem was we still had 2 lessons to teach him and we needed to get the Elders over so mark to get his Baptism interview done! It was such a miracle, he pulled in Friday morning and we were able to go over after district meeting with the Elders, go over the last two lessons and then get his interview done!!! 
His baptism was the next day, and it was amazing!! The spirit was so strong in that room! One of our amazing members, Brother Walker baptized him, and he is this really short guy....Mark is 6'5 and broad shouldered! Mark had to kneel down in the fount and then he still hit his head on the back of the wall as brother walker tried to perform the ordinance. But when I asked him about it after his reply was "oh really? I didn't feel a thing, I just fell good!"
He asked me to give the talk on The Gift of The Holy Ghost. That was such an amazing opportunity for me. mark is the first person i have taught that i have been able to be at the baptism for! The spirit was so strong and while i was up there talking i felt like it was just me and Mark and the spirit in the room. Daniel had written me a letter that i got that morning & he told me a story about two people. One (who was a member of the church) was eating fruit-snacks and talking about how amazing they tasted to the other person ( a non member) who watched as he told him about the amazing fruit-snacks, but the member never offered them any because they were afraid of offending them. And then Daniel told me "dont be afraid to share your fruit-snacks, you have the largest stash of fruit-snacks i have ever seen!". I shared the letter in my talk to Mark and related it to how we can share our spirit and they see it, and then i handed him 2 bags of fruits-nacks, and told him one was for him to keep because i was sharing it with him, and the other was for him to share with someone else. Andy (his best friend who is the reason we met mark) has come so far, he has been concurring his social anxiety a little at a time. He gave the closing prayer at the baptism! We were all so proud of him, it took ever ounce of courage he had! 
Sunday was his confirmation, and again the spirit was so strong! He had to leave right after sacrament meeting to go take his next truck load. But we had a lesson with Andy, Anna and Braden. Andy told me that Mark loved my talk, and he LOVED the fruit-snack story. Then he said "and can you guess who he shared them with?" I started guessing but didnt get it right. Andy said "Thomas". My heart melted! Thomas is their son who struggles with anxiety more than them all. He wont come out of his room when we come over. It meant a lot to all of us when we heard thats who Mark shared it with. 
That was the best part of my week! Well probably this transfer so far! We have lots of mission meeting coming up, it should be a good week! 
I love the gospel!! Go and share your Fruit-snacks!!
Sister Loveless

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