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Thursday, July 16, 2015

This was the last letter in May sorry I'm out of order.

This has been a crazy week!! We had a mission wide conference this week in Las Vegas to prepare us to receive “I pads”! The conference was not really about I pads, but rather about being wise and being faithful to our calling. It was about missionaries who use I pads as a tool to further the Lords work, we are not an "I pad mission" or "I pad missionaries" that is not what defines us.  
Because the conference was in Vegas we got to drive up the night before and say with my old companion Sister Harrison and her companion. It was amazing the strength and spirit you could feel with 170+ missionaries standing together singing the "Spirit of God"!! After the conference we got to go to lunch with some members from Warm Springs, it’s amazing to me the relationships that you can form with people on your mission.
The drive home was not so fun, I got sick on Tuesday so as we were driving back through the pass I was in a lot of pain because of the sinus pressure. I got pretty sick so we stayed in for a few days so that I could get better, but I've got some medicine and I am on the road to recovery!!
In warm springs I was teaching Edvin and he got baptized this week!! I got to skype in to see it because I am so far away, so I couldn't go in person. But it was so fun to see him finally make that step. And this Saturday Mark is getting Baptized! I am so excited!!! He is ready!!

This week is also transfers! Sister Onorato and I will be staying together here in Kingman AZ for the next 6 weeks!! Then she goes home, and I will most likely get a new companion here in Kingman. So it looks like I will be here a while! My first Companion Sister Harrison Is going home tomorrow. It is crazy how fast time flies on your mission. Another month and I will have been on my mission for half a year! We took pictures as a district and we all went out to lunch in the little Mexican restaurant. The owner was so impressed with us that he wanted to take a picture of us to put on his Facebook page (Federico's Mexican Food) then when the Elders went back this week he agreed to take the lessons!!! It was such an amazing miracle that we got to witness as a zone! 
 The Kingman Zone

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