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Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20th 2015

This week was crazy! On Monday night I got a call From the MSTL's (Mission Sister Training sister AP's) asking if I would come to (MLC) The Mission Leadership Council on Thursday. They didn’t tell me why though. So I was running all these options through my head! The only people who go to MLC are leadership....and I’m not in leadership. So we went up to Vegas on Wednesday night and stayed with another set of sisters. Sister Robinson and I went to the meeting the next morning together. It was so cool!!! The director of proselyting form Salt Lake came to talk to the leadership of our mission. And President decided to invite a few missionaries who he felt needed to come. So I got to be one of them. What a huge blessing! It was an amazing meeting! It changed the way I look at missionary work!
The next day was new missionary temple trip so we stayed another night and went to the temple!!! It was amazing; it’s exactly what I needed!! Sister Bedont is doing great. She is picking up on things pretty fast. 
We had a few amazing miracles this week. The young man Andrew that we had met on the 4th of July at the gas station. We were supposed to go on exchanges Friday night but there was a huge storm rolling in so we were told not to be out driving in it. So we were making calls in the car when we saw Andrew pull up next to us. He got out of the car and we started talking to him. I'm not sure how we got on the topic, but we asked if he would be coming to church, and that led us into a conversation on the book of Mormon. He told us he didn't have one so we pulled one out and started talking to him about it! We basically taught him the whole first lesson!! And he was so interested, he just kept asking questions! And then HE asked us if we could come tell him more on has day off. So we will be seeing him tonight! He said he would start reading the book of Mormon that night and write down questions he has. When he walked away I started freaking out a little....I was SO EXCITED!! He has been prepared!
Another miracle we saw was on Saturday night. We were walking through our complex to go see a potential investigator, when we saw a woman and man over by their car. It was dark and I almost didn't want to go over...but I knew we needed too. So as we walked over we could hear the woman crying. We went to see what was wrong and she told us that just a few minutes before she found out her dad was in hospice, and would probably only live for another week. Then she said that she knew who we were. It turned out that they were a referral from the elders, but the elders didn't know what apartment number they would be moving to! I have no doubt the Lord led us there. She was so thankful for us stopping and talking to her. She asked us to come back. 
I love seeing the Lords hand in our work. It is such a testimony to me that we are really only tool in his hand. We just have to be worthy to let him work through us. 
I love you all!

Sister Loveless

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