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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Life of a trainer. July 13th 2015

This week has been CRAZY!! I went up to Vegas on Tuesday to be companions with Sister Robinson, who was another sister waiting for her trainee to come in. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning getting ready for our new missionaries! We even got them cupcakes to celebrate their "birthday" into the mission. We thought it was a cute idea! 
On Wednesday we went to the mission office where we met all the new missionaries. They sat on the 1st 4 rows of the chapel, and all the trainers sat in the back 4 rows as we waited for President to come in from his office where he was praying about who should be companions. 
The meeting started and I was the first trainer to be called, and he said "Sister Loveless will be companions with Sister Bedont". I jumped up and went over to give her a big hug. He finished calling all the new companionship's
and we all left to go jump right into missionary work! We were staying with Sister Robinson and her comp that night because we had New Missionary Training Meeting the following morning. So we helped them in their area. Being a trainer is just as hard as I thought it would be...well harder. There are so many things that I didn’t realize that I have to teach her how to do. So that night we went out and street contacted. It was a really great experience, we met some amazing people. There was a girl who was going through a very hard time, we asked if we could say a prayer with her. She agreed and told us everything that was going on and what she wanted to pray for. 
The meeting the next day was great! We had an opportunity to get a little guidance from President about training....but only like 5 min. We are basically just thrown into it and have to figure out what to do. 
The first week has been so stressful. I can’t tell if she is just nervous or overwhelmed or shy....or all of the above. We are kind of different from one another, so I can tell this will be an opportunity for me to learn lots. But I am excited. I remember being so stressed out when I first came into the mission.  I just really hope that I can help her open up to me. It is hard when your companion won’t talk to you. She is so amazing though, she has a very strong testimony! And she is ready to work hard. 
So this week has mostly been helping her get comfortable in the area and meeting our investigators. We had both our ward parties on Saturday so she got to meet lots of members. And our Bishop invited us over for a "greenie" lunch. Everything on her plate was green. Even her plate and fork and cup were green, and she got green pasta while everyone else got normal colored. It was so fun! 
We met the coolest guy! His name was Jessie, we met him in the park around sunset. He was playing his harmonica. We went up to him and started talking with him and he started telling us his life story. Right now he is riding his bike cross country, he has already biked down to Florida and all around that area and back, and he is on his way home. We were talking to him and I wanted to give him a book of Mormon but I didn’t have one with me. So we left him with a card and headed off to our appointment. But after it was over I felt prompted that we needed to go back and give him a book of Mormon. So we did. He gave me his harmonica in return because he was so impressed with how much we cared! It was amazing! 
It’s been a fun week, but so busy! And it’s time for me to leave already!! 
I love you all!!!
Love sister loveless

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