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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hot Hot Hot! June 22nd 2015

Well its summer in Kingman! We are actually the coldest place in the mission right now, and it has been around 105* or more all week! So I am thankful that I am here, that’s for sure! And Kingman is pretty much the best place ever!!
This has been an amazing week! And so was last week!! Last week, I got to go on exchanges with Sister Herman In Lake Havasu (and its 10* hotter there...yikes! But I am working on my tan hahaha) It was a great day! I love exchanges; I love the opportunity to learn from other missionaries, it’s always an answer to prayers for me. Our goal with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) is to try and do an exchange every week for the rest of the transfer, mainly to give us an opportunity to work more, and it is really helping me! I always feel the best after an exchange because I know I worked the hardest I could that day. It just feel so good when I walk inside after a hard day and you just feel ready to die :D 
We have been teaching the Carly kids, we had two lessons with them these past two weeks. They are crazy, but I love it!  Our goal is to teach them the plan of salvation this upcoming week, and set them with a date for baptism! Their mom is excited for them, and hopefully this will bring her back to church as well!! She hasn't come in a long time. But her daughter went to girl’s camp last week!!
We had to drop our semi investigator, Helen. Missionaries have been going to see her for over a year, she is in her late 90's and is just lonely. She wants nothing more than to just die. So missionaries have gone as a service, to just visit with her and share a scripture. She has no interest in converting, but she is an amazing lady. But we felt prompted that we needed to drop her because she has not been progressing. BUT we found out she is interested in family history. So we passed her off to the family history lady in the ward....and when we tried to tell her we weren’t going to be able to stop by you could just see her heart break :( she said "so this is you giving me the ol' kiss good bye huh?" ...we felt so bad that we told her we would come see her once a month, and I think that will be perfect. Dropping people is hard, but if they aren’t progressing then we have to move forward so the lord can lead us to the people who are prepared. 
Sergio is slowly progressing. He feels the spirit in the lessons; he is just very very shy. He is comfortable with us but we want him to get to know some youth so he will feel comfortable at church too. But every time we bring a youth with us he gets really quiet, so we are praying hard to know how to help him. He was supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday but we feel that he is not ready yet. He is living with Scott and Dyan, and they aren’t doing so well. Dyan ended up back in the mental hospital for another night because she was having a break down. We try to go over but most the time she makes up an excuse for us not to come, my heart goes out to her. She knows she needs it, she just feels guilty. So we are just really prying for them. I feel like Alma on his mission to the Zoramites. He is praying so hard for their hearts to be softened and for them to know that the Lord loves them, and to give them strength to overcome. (Alma 31:32-35 read it!) 
I love these people so much!! I love this area! I love being a missionary! We have Scripture study every week with our recent Converts in the White Cliffs ward, and recently we have been focusing on church history because that’s something they said they want to learn about. It has been so fun!!
We went on exchanges again this week, and I stayed in the area with Sister Hirsch. She is AMAZING! she is one of the sweetest people I know, we had such an amazing time serving together for the day. (i forgot my camera, I will have to send pictures next week cuz we took some fun pictures.) We were looking for a part member family and we were up on a hill that looked over the town, right at sunset, and of it was gorgeous!! I love the world! the Lord creates beautiful things! After all he created us!
This weekend was the wedding of one of our investigators to one of our members. Sister Tooley (Abby) and Brock. We got to go help with the wedding. We helped her make tons of decorations throughout the week, (it was so nice to have a change to be crafty, it is my stress reliever) And then we went up and set up in the mountains. She had a country wedding! It was so fun! We were the servers; we did all the food and helped take everything down. None of his family are members so we had lots of missionary opportunities! It was a very spiritual ceremony to, It’s just an amazing thing to see people vow to love one another. 

Father’s day was great, we had some amazing talks, it made me miss my dad! But I know that this is where he wants me to be, both my dad here on earth and my Father in Heaven! I am so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family!! I love you all!!!
Until next week!

Sister Loveless

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